Relief Program

The Relief Program creates financial assistance grants for cancer patients that can be used for living expenses not classified as medical. Living expenses can be characterized as rent, utilities, groceries, transportation costs, and more. These grants bring much needed relief to adults and children facing extreme hardship during the greatest fight of their lives.

The Needs Beyond Medicine Relief Program is funded by public and private grants, as well as business and community donations. Because cancer patients who have strong support systems also have higher rates of survival, these grants are a vital gift to their recipients. For this reason, Needs Beyond Medicine hopes to continue our efforts for years to come. To date, the Relief Program has helped more than 1,500 people and counting.

Needs Beyond Medicine (NBM) seeks to mitigate cancer disparities by supporting cancer patients’ needs outside of treatment. The NBM Relief Program provides grants to individual cancer patients who are at the greatest risk of negative outcomes due to financial concerns. These include low-income recipients (65% of grant recipients in 2019), Utahns of color (23%), and Utahns living in non-metropolitan counties (36%). Grant recipients reported that the largest use of grant funds was for transportation costs to and from medical care, followed by purchasing groceries for themselves and their families and paying utility bills. Because NBM Relief Program grants contribute to patients’ access to care, quality food, and basic security, they improve both quality of life and chances for positive medical outcomes among recipients.

Relief Program


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Currently only able to assist current Utah residents. 

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