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Our Mission

Needs Beyond Medicine’s mission is to decrease the burden of cancer on those undergoing treatment by providing financial support for non-medical expenses.

Needs Beyond Medicine focuses on providing educational outreach on the importance of early cancer detection.

About Us

Needs Beyond Medicine (NBM), was formed in 2006. The original purpose of this organization was to help breast cancer patients pay for non-medical expenses while undergoing treatment. Some of these expenses included transportation, rent, and other essential living costs. This program is the Relief Program, and continues to be one of the key services that NBM offers to current adult cancer patients battling various types of cancer.

In the early years, NBM used a fiscal agent to help with the 501c3 status and awarded those applicant applying for financial assistance. In 2008, the organization decided to establish NBM as an official business and have its own 501c3 status along with having its number recognized by the IRS and under NBM’s name. In 2009, NBM was officially established as a 501c3 organization and an established Utah Business.

Needs Beyond Medicine is lucky enough to have key partnerships with all of the Utah area hospitals, clinics and community centers that treat cancer patients. We are able to help these patients no matter where they are receiving treatment because NBM is a stand-alone nonprofit organization that works with all community organizations and hospitals despite their alignment.

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