Helping Cancer Patients With Non-Medical Expenses

Needs Beyond Medicine Mission

Our Mission

Help cancer patients with non-medical expenses and educational outreach on signs and symptoms of cancer.

Needs Beyond Medicine Program

Our Program

The Relief Program offers a financial grant to current cancer patients to cover essential living needs.

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Needs Beyond Medicine is supported by grants and community donors, please support us, any amount helps.

The Relief Program creates financial assistance grants for cancer patients that can be used for living expenses not classified as medical. Living expenses can be characterized as rent, utilities, groceries, transportation costs, and more. These grants bring much needed relief to adults and children facing extreme hardship during the greatest fight of their lives.

Support Needs Beyond Medicine with
Non-Medical Expenses, Educational Outreach

Decrease the burden of cancer on those undergoing treatment by providing financial support for non-medical expenses

canSURVIVE 2021

Thank You to everyone who was able to attend. 
It was a great night and will have video and photos from the event. 
Looking forward to 2022. 


THANK YOU! I can’t begin to tell you how grateful me and my family are for the funds you provided to me. You have no idea how much it helped! Such a good feeling just knowing the money was there, no stress about groceries, gas, utilities, etc. What a great program you provide! Thank you!
Needs Beyond Medicine Mission
Relief Program Recipient
Dear Philip, staff and all those that serve in this very special organization! I must say thank you so much for the kind gesture that was given to me financially. It was truly a blessing in so many ways not just the money but the reaching out to me that said someone truly cared.
Needs Beyond Medicine Mission
Relief Program Recipient
Your help came at a time when we were having a hard time paying for gas to get to treatment and still keep the lights on. We will be forever grateful. We would now like to repay your gift so you can do the same for someone else going through the same struggle.
Needs Beyond Medicine Mission
Relief Program Recipient
Relief Program Sponsors


Relief Golf Tournament event

Karen P. Brown Relief Golf Tournament

Thank you to everyone who participated in this years golf tournament.

Cansurvive Event

canSURVIVE 2021

Stay Tuned for videos and photos from the event.



Please contact us if you would like to collaborate on a fundraiser with Needs Beyond Medicine.