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November 2

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Our Mission

Needs Beyond Medicine is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to decrease the burden of cancer by increasing awareness, education, and relief to cancer patients. Needs Beyond Medicine enhances the quality of life for those diagnosed with cancer through educational and financial support.

About Us


Founded in 2006 with the help of Philip Brown, Needs Beyond Medicine is an all-volunteer base committee consisting of medical professionals and health background individuals. At first, the main purpose of this organization was to help only breast cancer patients pay for non-medical expenses while undergoing treatment. Some of these expenses included transportation, rent, and other essential living costs. This program has since been renamed the Relief Program, and continues to be one of the key services  that NBM offers to patients battling all types of cancer today.

In the early years, NBM used a fiscal agent to help with the 501c3 status and awarded those applicant applying for financial assistance. In 2008, the organization decided to establish NBM as an official business and have its own 501c3 status along with having its number recognized by the IRS and under NBM’s name. Officially in 2009, NBM was established as a 501c3 organization and an established Utah Business.

NBM is lucky enough to have key partnerships with all of the Utah area hospitals, clinics and community centers that treat cancer patients. We are able to help these patients no matter where they are receiving treatment because NBM is a stand-alone nonprofit organization that works with all community organizations and hospitals despite their alignment.

Today, with the dedication of full-time staff member Philip Brown and the help of interns and many volunteers, NBM is proud to offer not only the valuable Relief Program, but educational seminars on various cancers throughout Utah. NBM’s vision for the future is to expand its programs on a national level.

Needs Beyond Medicine's Partnership 2018


Board of Directors

Philip Brown, MBA- Founder/CEO- Needs Beyond Medicine

Lance Bradshaw, MBA & MHA- Past Chairman

Jack Bowe- Chairman

JB Flinders- Vice Chairman

Braden Johnson- Secretary

Caitlin Mosley- Treasurer

Brandon Hansen- Member

Polina Konuchkova- Member

Matt Zollinger- Member

Connor Malmberg- Member

Camille Crawley- Member

Melissa Grant- Member

Natalie Batty- Member

Christie North, MBA- Honorary Member



Philip Brown, Founder and CEO of Needs Beyond Medicine, first started with the organization in 2006 when it operated as a volunteer-driven committee. The committee hired Philip to help establish a business plan and future for the organization. In early 2008, the committee disbanded and did not want to continue as a committee so Philip decided to move forward with establishing Needs Beyond Medicine as a 501c3, becoming a reality in 2009.

As Needs Beyond Medicine’s first employee and current operational head, Philip has been a long-time advocate for both the care of cancer patients and the education on how the disease can be better managed through early detection. Philip’s passion to building awareness in the community through education, as well as his dedication to caring for the needs of those living with cancer, are inspired and driven on a daily basis by his own personal tragedy: his mother, Karen Brown, passed away in 1996 of ovarian cancer after 18 months of battling the disease with surgeries and chemotherapy.

It is Philip’s goal to raise awareness to the mass public on the life-saving benefits of early cancer screenings. Eventually, he wants to expand Needs Beyond Medicine throughout the country so that the message and work of the organization can reach out to benefit more lives.

Philip earned both his Bachelor of Science in marketing and Master of Business Administration from the University of Phoenix.


Needs Beyond Medicine offers educational programs on various types of cancers. The presentation's goal is to inform the public about the higher diagnosed cancers in America. All of Needs Beyond Medicine’s educational seminars are free and offer basic information on early detection, as well as educational brochures. The education programs are set in place to raise awareness throughout the communities they take place in.

Helpful Links

Here you will find links to other organizations dedicated to regularly updating their information on cancer news. Please feel free to browse through these external links to find more information on specific cancers you might be interested in learning about. Needs Beyond Medicine provides links to these websites for informational purposes only. Any questions concerning information found on these sites must be directed to the owners of the websites themselves.

PowerPoint Presentations

All of the Needs Beyond Medicine’s educational seminars are free and offer basic information on early detection, as well as educational brochures. The education programs are set in place to raise awareness throughout the communities they occur.

Number of Relief Program Recipients assisted through October 2018

Different types of Cancer Patients assisted

Dollars donated to each cancer patient through the Relief Program

Percent of Relief Program Recipients live below poverty level

Relief Program

Relief Program Supporter


While the rest of life’s priorities may come to a halt, the day-to-day expenses of living don’t stop when a person goes through cancer treatment. To help relieve the financial burdens cancer patients face while going through treatment, Needs Beyond Medicine developed the Relief Program.

The Relief Program creates financial assistance grants for cancer patients that can be used for living expenses not classified as medical. Living expenses can be characterized as rent, utilities, groceries, transportation costs, and more. These grants bring much needed relief to adults and children facing extreme hardship during the greatest fight of their lives.

The Needs Beyond Medicine Relief Program is funded by public and private grants, as well as business and community donations. Because cancer patients who have strong support systems also have higher rates of survival, these grants are a vital gift to their recipients. For this reason, Needs Beyond Medicine hopes to continue our efforts for years to come. To date, the Relief Program has helped more than 1,000 people and counting.

Here are a few words from some of the Needs Beyond Medicine Relief Program grant recipients:
“ I received your check a few days ago and wanted to tell you how much it is appreciated. Like many people in my position, the financial burden created by cancer can be quite daunting. More than the financial assistance; knowing that there are caring people such as you, fills my heart & soul with hope for the future.”

“Dear NBM, Just a quick note to thank you for the funds sent to me via your organization. That money will come in very handy as I am having so many out of pockets cost, that I cannot afford. That this really is a blessing.”

“Dear Needs Beyond Medicine,
Thank you all so much for supporting me and other cancer survivors through your generous contributions. This donation has helped me pay some bills. I am grateful.”

Needs Beyond Medicine is currently able to help Utah residents only. We will keep you up-to-date on our site once our organization can begin to cover other states.

2017 Event Highlights

canSURVIVE is an annual gallery stroll presented by Needs Beyond Medicine that features portraits of Utah-area cancer survivors, both those who have beaten the disease and those who are currently undergoing treatment. The event is Needs Beyond Medicine’s primary fundraiser that takes place every year in Salt Lake City, UT in November.

To view canSURVIVE’s most recent photos and find out more information about the event, please visit www.canSURVIVE.org.

canSURVIVE 2018 will be on Friday, November 2, 2018.
The Falls Event Center, Salt Lake, 580 South 600 East, Salt Lake City,
The event will be black tie
5:00-9:30 pm with speakers from 7:45-8:30 pm.

canSURVIVE 2018 Sponsorship 

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