How We Help

When a person goes through cancer treatment, many of life’s priorities come to a halt, but day-to-day living expenses don’t. To help relieve the financial burdens cancer patients face while going through treatment, Needs Beyond Medicine developed the Relief Program. The Needs Beyond Medicine Relief Program creates financial assistance grants for current cancer patients that can be used for living expenses not classified as a medical expense. Living expenses can be characterized as transportation costs, utilities, rent, groceries, etc. These grants bring much-needed relief to adults facing extreme hardship during the greatest fight of their lives.

The Needs Beyond Medicine Relief Program is funded by public and private grants, as well as business and community donations. Cancer patients who have strong support systems tend to have higher rates of survival; these grants are a vital gift to recipients. For this reason, Needs Beyond Medicine hopes to continue our efforts for years to come.

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62 different reported cancer types from Relief Program Recipients.
Income Level
73% below poverty level
Relief Program Recipients
2,262 Cancer Patients assisted through June 2024